How to unlock the new Fox Sports app for the 2020 season

The Fox Sports 2020 app is now available for download on Apple TV, Apple TV Mini, Apple TVs and Amazon Fire TV.

The app, which allows users to access live and on-demand programming on Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2, is available on the Apple TV 4K/UHD, Apple Watch and Apple TV 5K models, as well as Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Stick.

Fox Sports 2020 also features the new NFL on Fox, NBA on Fox and NBA Playoffs on Fox.

It also has the option to view local broadcasts of the NBA Playoffs.

Fox sports on the iPhone and iPad also get access to Fox Sports on demand, as do Fox Sports Go.

There’s no word on when the Fox Sports App will be available to buy.

The Apple TV and Apple Watch versions of the app are only available for $9.99 per year and are available to download from the App Store, Google Play and AppleTV.

The $4.99 Apple TV model is currently only available in the US, but a US version is also available in Australia.

Apple’s app, while a bit less detailed than the 2018 edition, has been praised for its features.

Fox’s new app also has some new features for the 2021 season, such as live game replays, more local and national coverage and a new sports app in the News app.