How to watch NFL games with a barstool or other device

With NFL games getting closer and closer, bars and restaurants are opening up their seating areas to give fans a more authentic experience.

With the NFL season kicking off on Sunday, a number of bars and eateries have been offering up some free barstools for fans to use to watch the games.

While bars and restaurant owners are taking advantage of the NFL, some bar owners are asking customers to get more creative.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, there are a number bars and other venues across the country that are giving away barstoods for fans.

The bars are offering up bars that are equipped with live video screens, allowing patrons to watch live video and other activities.

“It’s a way for the fans to watch a game,” Chris Hines, owner of The Bistro at the Westgate Resort & Casino, told the newspaper.

“The bar can actually get it’s own set-up, and the fans can get to the game and see the games on their own television, which is what they’re used to,” Hines said.

While some bars are letting fans watch games on bars or restaurants’ TVs, others are letting people watch the game live.

According the Tribune, the bars in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and Philadelphia are offering patrons a chance to get a bar stool for $20 per person, $25 per person for the bar stool at the D’Angelo’s restaurant in New Orleans, and $30 per person at the Tasting Room in New York City.