Lexus will be using Bose Sport earbud to enhance its voice in a future CES

Lexus is partnering with Bose, the world’s largest audio technology company, to offer a new range of sports and entertainment products for the upcoming CES.

The partnership between the two companies will launch with a pair of high-end sport earphones called the Lexus Sport 2 Sport and the Lexum Sports, a pair with BOSE Sport 2 headphones.

Lexus is also unveiling a new line of audio products in partnership with BOSHA Audio, a global speaker brand known for its high-quality audio technology.

These include the Bose Classic 3 Sport, the Lexi Sport Sport and a pair featuring the BOSE Sports 2 earphones.

The Lexus Classic 3 sport earphone has a large, circular design, while the Lexius Classic 3 sports earphone is made of polycarbonate.

The Lexus Sports earphones have a smaller circular design and a curved back.

The company is also launching a line of accessories, which include a custom Bose leather earpad, a set of leather strap holders, leather straps and a leather-lined leather hood.

Lexuses own branded brand, Lexus, is expected to be in attendance at CES 2017, with the company announcing the launch of its own brand of earbunches and accessories.

The brand has been rumored to be looking to bring its own products to CES in the near future.