Toyota is adding an active Fox Sports app to its lineup

Toyota is rolling out an active FOX Sports app on its 2015 model year vehicles to enhance its coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The automaker is rolling the feature out to its Accord Sport, Accord Sport AWD, and Lexus RX450, which were unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Toyota app is the first to add a sports mode to the platform.

The new Fox Sports option is available to owners of all 2015 model years.

It’s part of Toyota’s strategy to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of sports cars, where a smartphone and tablet can be a powerful tool for both users and manufacturers.

“We wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget our fans, that we did not forget our loyal customers, that the app was not only a new and interesting way to watch FOX Sports but also a way to continue our push to deliver the best content to our owners,” said Jeff Miller, senior vice president of product management for FOX Sports.

The Toyota app allows owners to check out current games and sports events, find the most recent highlights from the weekend, and stream live broadcasts of upcoming sporting events.

It can also be used to check in on upcoming events, view the latest stats and news about sports teams, and access exclusive content like live studio interviews and video content.

A key feature of the app is FOX Sports+, a free subscription-based sports streaming service that provides access to a wide variety of content from sports networks, channels and platforms.

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In addition to FOX Sports, the new FOX Sports apps will also be available to the Toyota Yaris, Lexus ES350, Accord, Accord Energi, LexUS GTR, Lexis NX, RX450 and RX350 ST.