When the Broncos get the Super Bowl, I’m a Broncos fan

When the Denver Broncos get a Super Bowl bid, I’ll be there for it.

I’ll cheer on the Broncos to the best of my ability.

I love my team, and I will root for them in every game.

I’ve been rooting for the Broncos for 20 years, and there is no reason why I won’t be rooting for them again this time.

That’s my mindset.

And while I’ve had plenty of success in my career rooting for other teams, I believe this will be my final season rooting for any team, whether it’s the Steelers, Falcons, or Broncos.

I’m not going to wait for the final two years of my contract.

I know I’m going to be rooting hard for the Denver franchise.

The Super Bowl is going to happen, and it will be an event I’m all too familiar with.

My son was born in Denver, and his life is the product of our team.

I want to see my son grow up to be the best son that he can be, and this is my chance to be there when it all happens.