Why LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have a ‘great relationship’

LeBron James is not your typical NBA star.

The 6-foot-7, 230-pound star, who plays for the Miami Heat and is considered one of the best players in the world, is known for his off-the-court relationship with his wife, Doreen, a nurse who is also the mother of LeBron’s son.

It has been a bond forged over the years as they have both been treated for cancer and other health problems.

They are also known to be close friends.

The Cavs and the Heat were scheduled to meet for the first time on Tuesday.

But LeBron and Doreena were not at the meeting.

LeBron was at the University of Miami.

Doreena has been diagnosed with cancer, but her prognosis is not known.

She was treated in February at the Cleveland Clinic and is scheduled to return to the hospital later this month.

The Cavaliers and the Thunder have also not yet announced their meetings.