CNBC: CNBC’s Chuck Todd calls out CNBC anchor Rachel Maddow for ‘socially destructive’ interview

CNBC anchor Chuck Todd has been accused of “social Darwinism” for a recent interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddogans.

The interview, in which Maddow asked Todd if he had any thoughts on the presidential race, was widely viewed as a rebuke of the liberal pundit, who is often critical of Republicans.

But Todd took the opportunity to address the criticism and argued that Maddow had “sociocidal tendencies” for questioning him.

“It’s been a fun ride, it’s been really interesting, and I don’t have anything bad to say about Rachel,” Todd told CNBC’s Craig Melvin.

“I think she’s a really great person.

I think she has really been on top of her game, and she’s doing a really good job of being a good journalist.”

Maddow is the host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddows Show” and hosts a new MSNBC podcast called “The Chuck Todd Show,” which focuses on politics, health care, and the economy.

Maddow has said she believes President Donald Trump should step down, which would allow Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

Todd responded on Wednesday by tweeting a video of the interview, which was posted to the Chuck Todd Live Twitter account.

In the video, Todd can be heard arguing that Maddogan had a tendency to “socialize with people.”

Maddogam then asked Todd about the social Darwinism that Todd believed was at play, which Todd said was “not really the case” for many conservatives.

Todd then called out Maddow on her bias, saying she had a “history of putting other people in a box” and that Maddo had not been “properly critical of Trump.”

“The last time you said anything negative about Trump was after the first debate,” Todd said.

Todd’s statement comes just a day after Maddow accused Todd of “sensationalizing” her interview. “

You know, you’re not going to like it, but you’ve gotta be careful what you’re doing and be careful that it doesn’t become part of the toxic environment.”

Todd’s statement comes just a day after Maddow accused Todd of “sensationalizing” her interview.

Maddogah said in a statement that she and her colleagues have been “proud of Rachel’s ability to be candid and insightful in our interviews with the President, the Republican Party, and all Americans.”

Todd said he had a similar experience with Maddow, when he first worked for the cable news network in 2005.

“She was a good interview, and it was good to have her as a co-host on my show.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, I’ve gotten a lot out of her, and we’ve had a lot to say,” Todd tweeted on Wednesday.

“But, Rachel, I’m tired of your BS and your ‘gotcha’ attacks on me and my show.”

Todd also called out his critics in the conservative media on Wednesday, saying they had taken to Twitter to attack him and his show.

“A lot of folks have been tweeting at me and me attacking them, and they’ve taken it to Twitter, and their responses are really just about me.

You know, the whole ‘Rachel Maddow attacked me’ thing,” Todd added.

“The whole ‘I’m going to get the hell out of here’ thing.

It’s really, really annoying.

But it’s a distraction.”

CNN senior political correspondent Brian Stelter echoed Todd’s call for Maddow to step down on Twitter.

“What Rachel Maddox is doing is a social Darwinist act, which is not healthy for any journalist,” Stelzer tweeted.

“If Maddow were a human being, she’d be fired.”

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