How fox sports could make a comeback

The world’s biggest sport has been around for a long time, but there’s no denying that the popularity of fox sports is on the rise.

Fox Sports has long been a staple of British TV schedules, but has never really been a big draw in the US.

Now, however, Fox is looking to change that with a new show that will be hosted by former UFC heavyweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

The new show will be called UFC Undisputed and will be produced by the former WEC champion.

It will focus on the UFC’s two biggest stars, Georges “Rush” St-Pete and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and will also feature a host of former fighters.

St-Paul will be one of the guests on the show. 

“I think Georges is the one who really wants to be involved, and the sport of boxing is a big part of that,” Fox Sports executive producer Mike DiCarlo told the Telegraph.

“He knows it’s going to be an extremely busy year.

St-Petesos first UFC bout came in 2011, when he stopped John Dodson in the third round to win the belt from Dodson. “

We want to make sure that Georges understands what he needs to do to be a champion, and then he gets to do it.”

St-Petesos first UFC bout came in 2011, when he stopped John Dodson in the third round to win the belt from Dodson.


Pete won a third-round TKO over Josh Thomson at UFC 100 in 2013, and was a member of the UFC light-heavyweight division until he joined the UFC after his UFC 100 win.

Jones and St-Peeps two other wins were at UFC on Fox 2 in 2015 and at UFC 172 in 2016.

Stamps next fight is on July 4 in Australia, and is expected to make a return to the UFC in September.

Fox Sports’ other new show is The Big Bang Theory, which is airing on Netflix.

“When we started thinking about the idea of creating a show about Georges, he was one of our most talked about guests, and I think he’s one of those guys that we’re really passionate about,” DiCarla said.

“So, we’re very excited to be bringing him on board to be the host.”

DiCarlo said the series will be “really entertaining” and will focus “on the big fights, but also some really interesting storylines”.

“We’re really looking forward to it and I really hope that it can get some of the big boxing fans out to watch it,” DiPallo added.

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