How to avoid falling into the ‘crying match’ in the NBA

NBA fans who love to complain have been told to shut up.

It is not uncommon for NBA fans to make the same point about the game, but the league has stepped in with an answer.

The NBA announced Monday it is banning players from crying in public and restricting spectators to one-on-one games, which could lead to more injuries.

The league has not released a list of the games it is limiting to one on one and only one-player games, but ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported Monday that the league is looking at restricting a game of basketball to two players at a time.NBA commissioner Adam Silver told reporters Monday that it’s “not a cryfest” and added the league will work to reduce it in the future.

Silver said the league’s medical staff will review video of crying in the stands to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The rule was introduced in the last two seasons in the wake of a gruesome incident in which NBA star Kevin Durant choked out a woman during a game and then went on to be arrested.

He was fined $25,000 and banned from the NBA for two seasons.