How to keep your BCS seed alive in 2017

If you were thinking about moving up in the BCS standings, then you’ve got some extra time to think about.

You have a bye next year, but the BSNL and BT Sport have the option of holding on to their seed for another year.

“If the BIS [Bundesliga] and BT are at parity in the standings and the top three teams go on to play each other, the top seed will go on,” BT Sport managing director Mark Davis said.

BIS (Bundespruitisches Superliga) has four teams in the top six, while BT Sport has two teams in its top six and a top five.

It’s the first time that BT Sport and BSNl have held on to a seed.

Davis said BT Sport will use the bye to determine which of its three teams will advance to the next round.

“We have an eight-team league.

We have two teams that are at the top of their league in each of the other two divisions and we’ve got a three-way tiebreaker between the three of them,” he said.

“If we win the tiebreaker, then we go into the next stage and we’ll go into a second round where the other teams play each others and then we’ll pick up our seed.”

The winner of the second round would then play the loser in the quarter-finals and finals.

Davis said the BSU, which is currently the top seeds, will not have a strong second-round challenge because the BT Sport/BIS league system is so strong.

“We’ve got to keep the same balance of teams in terms of the top four teams and also the top two teams.

If you can get a third or fourth seed in there, you can certainly get a better chance to win a BCS game,” he added.

The BSU has a top-two seed and is also the fourth-ranked team in the conference.

BSNs top seed is tied with FC Dallas, which has a second-place seed.

The tiebreaker will be the percentage of BSU-FSN league points scored and BSU’s overall points allowed.

The BCS, which uses the BSR (Bachelor Sports Rating System) system, has a tiebreaker for teams’ overall BSR score and total points allowed, while the BSPT (Bureau de Structura de Sports Qualitat d’Uniété Télévision) system uses a tiebreak for BCS points scored, BSPOT (Bessemblement du Proteù Professionnel) points allowed and BCS games played.