Klutch: The Climb in the Sky

Klutch is a team of mountain climbers, who use a combination of climbing and sport climbing techniques to make their way across the world’s highest peaks.

The climbers have taken to the mountains to complete their journeys with some extreme stunts.

They climb on bikes, use ropes and a lot of other things, but the team have always been on the look out for the best way to accomplish their goal.

“We’re always trying to find the best solution that will keep us climbing for as long as possible,” said team member and mountaineer Benjamin Schmitz.

“One of the things we do is we get a lot out of it.

So, it’s a challenge and it’s an opportunity to see where we can take us.

We’ll be back in the mountains with more challenges.”

The team have been training and working on their climbing technique for the past five years, but after a few years of training they decided to make the climb in the sky, the team told RTE.

It is a route that requires some climbing skills and also some rock skills, and Schmitzz said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done.

“I think it’s one of my favourite routes.

We are doing it on a mountain where the ground is quite steep and there are lots of boulders that are not visible to the human eye.

You have to be very careful and it has been challenging,” he said.

“The route is fairly exposed, so you have to have good hands and be very aware of your footing.

You can see the edge of the rock and the edges of the boulders so you know where you are going to be climbing.”

Schmitzes team, including Benjamin, left, and Andy, right, climb the Klutch route in the skies above Mt St Helens in the Canadian Rockies.

They said they did not have the money for a helicopter.

But they made it to the top.

“It’s one thing to get up on the mountain and take it, but to get down and climb it again is something else,” Benjamin said.

Klutch climbing on the Kluths Klutch climb is a combination sport and climbing, which means the team will be climbing in the clouds.

They will use rope and ropes to climb the climb, and they will climb up and down the route as they wish.

They have been climbing this route for five years now, and the Kluts have been practising their climbing skills for the last three.

The Kluth climb is the hardest of the three on the team.

It involves climbing down to the bottom of a cliff with some rocks and other equipment.

The team are also using a harness to hold the harness, which is used to help them on their climb.

Andy said they will be training and practicing their skills, but there is no guarantee that they will make it to a finish line.

“Every time we do the Klutz climb we’re always confident that we will make the finish line, and we always try to be ready,” he added.

Kluth climbers Benjamin and Andy have both completed the Klutz climb in two different ways.

The first time, the Klutes climbed on a tandem bike, using rope to climb up the mountain.

They had to rely on their skills on a bicycle, and had to do a lot more climbing and safety gear.

The second time, they used a tandem bicycle, using ropes and harnesses to climb.

“For the first time in a while, I actually have some confidence in the team,” Ben Benjamin said.

He said the team has been training for the Kluzis climb since 2012.

They climbed on the same route in 2014, and climbed the route in 2017.

The climbing team is using the Kluttis route in 2018.

Benjamin had the first experience of the Klitz climb.

He climbed on top of a boulder with a rope, and was very impressed with the climbing technique.

“You just start to feel your feet on the rock, and it was pretty easy, so I think I’ve done some really good stuff.

I just need to improve the technique a little bit more,” he explained.

Klutz climbing on a Klutch Klut is the best climbing route in Canada, and Ben Benjamin, Andy and Benjamin were the first to complete the Klatz climb in 2018 in their new climbing vehicle, the K-Cup.

“When we first started climbing Klutch, we had a tent and some sleeping bags, and a couple of different helmets and gloves and a helmet and gloves,” Andy said.

The K-cups is a new sport that is being introduced to Canada.

The 2018 K-cup, or Klutch Mountain Ride, was held at Mt St Helen, in the Rocky Mountains.

It took place in April 2018, and featured more than 50 teams.

The athletes competed on the Kiltree Mountain course, where the Klusks were training.

The route was similar