Recode: Recode is celebrating 25 years of the podcast with a special episode titled ’25: The Year in Sport.’

In addition to breaking down the NBA playoffs, we’re celebrating 25 of the most important moments from the year that began in 2016.

In this episode, host Kara Swisher shares what she learned about sports, tech, and culture from her 25 years covering the sport, the news, and life.

“In sports, we are witnessing the most significant transformation in human history.

And in sports, our sports are the most captivating.

I remember in the early ’90s, I was sitting at the kitchen table in San Francisco, with my wife and a little kid, and we were watching the game, and I said, ‘I think we’re going to miss this.’

We went to a sports bar.

We saw the announcers.

They were just talking about the game.

And I was like, ‘Wow, this is something that’s going to happen forever.'”

Swisher added, “I thought it was so exciting and I was excited about it.

But then I realized, this wasn’t the first time it happened.

It’s not going to be the last time it happens.

And there’s not really a way to measure this.

So I started asking questions.

And you know, I think we’ve all got these questions.

It was just this moment when we got really excited, and then, we were able to really do something.”

Swisher continued, “It’s really hard to put a value on this moment.

But I can say, as we all know, in sports it’s never about the numbers.

It always has to do with the spirit of this game.

So this is a great time to start to look at it in a different way.

And if I could do it over, I would.”

The first question of the 25th episode, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game,” is answered by one of Swisher’s favorite sports writers, Michael Lewis.

“It was a conversation I had with Michael Lewis,” Swisher said.

“And we were talking about what makes sports so fascinating, and it’s like, there are a million reasons why sports are so fascinating.

But we’re talking about a single game that we all watched.

And so, what is it that makes the game so fascinating?

What is it about this game that makes us feel good about it?”

Swisher also touched on the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, which she predicts will be a great game.

“The Olympics are in 2019.

And they’re going through a lot of changes.

And the games are very, very important, especially for women, who are so dominant.

I think it’s really important to celebrate and celebrate the games.

But also, there’s going on a lot that’s happening with women, including, as you know from this book, inclusivity.

So that’s one thing I really think is really important.”

She continued, “[The World Cup] will be very exciting.

I hope it’s a great thing for women to watch.

I want to see them at the Olympics, and in the world, and hopefully it’s going well.”

She also touched briefly on the future of the NBA.

“I think the NBA is still, at this point, the most dominant sports league in the United States.

And what we saw in the World Cup was a really powerful example of how powerful this league can be, how strong it can be.

And then what we see now in sports is this incredible evolution.

The way we’re seeing it, this game is going to change forever.

And we’re still just starting to see the impact.

So there are still so many things to do, but it’s amazing how far we’ve come.”

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