Why are all the athletes wearing flip-flops at the Olympics?

The first wave of the Olympic cycle of double-dippers will begin on Friday when the first double-header is held in the Olympic Stadium in London, the venue where the games will be staged.

The two-day event has long been regarded as one of the best-attended events in the world, with spectators clocking up more than 11 million views on YouTube, according to the BBC.

In the first days of the Olympics, some sporting stars will wear flip- flops, with the women’s marathon runner Gabby Douglas (pictured) taking part in the first of the two-hour events.

Some athletes have worn flip-backs in the past, including Usain Bolt and Usain Green, and former Olympian Ryan Lochte is one of many athletes who will be wearing flip flops.

However, in recent years the Olympic event has been overshadowed by the Paralympics, which are held every four years.

But the double-event will help to bring the event back into the spotlight.

In recent years, the double double has been a staple of the event.

Athletes have often been photographed wearing flip boots in front of cameras.

The Olympic double-double, which has been the focus of the 2012 Paralympic Games, is often compared to the double canoe race, where the winner is awarded gold and the runner-up silver.

The event was first held in 1948, when four men competed in the double, the second-longest event in the Games.

The double-triple has become increasingly popular in recent decades, as it has become an increasingly popular option for athletes looking to increase their record.

For the first time since the Games, the women will be the first to wear flip flop in the Olympics.

There will be three double-events: one on Friday, two on Saturday and a final on Sunday.

The men’s and women’s double-headers will begin with a double canoe event on Friday night.

The women’s 400m freestyle relay is scheduled to take place on Saturday, while the men’s triple jump and the women´s long jump will begin Sunday.

Olympic athletes will compete in two-man team events on Sunday, followed by the men´s team events, which will feature the men, women and children’s triathlon, which is a mixed event.

The last of the swimming events, the 400m medley relay, will be held on Monday.

It will be followed by two-person canoe events, with each event featuring one diver, two rowers and one skier.

The track cycling and women´n´s double-knee event are scheduled to be held before the swims on Tuesday.

The athletes will then compete in a double-free-fall event on Wednesday.

The final event will be on Friday afternoon.

The triple jump will be contested on Saturday.

The swimming and track events are scheduled for the next day.

The doubles meet on Sunday afternoon.

Athleters will compete at the double event in a timed swim, triathlon and freestyle event.