‘Duffys’ sports grill: ‘It’s not a sports grill; it’s a barbecue’

The NFL’s flagship grill has long been the focus of controversy over its taste and the way it is prepared.

But that is changing as the NFL and its players union are looking to overhaul the company.

The new grill will have a beef patty and a pork shoulder, and it will be made in New England.

A new, larger grill, dubbed the NFL Grill, will also be unveiled in 2019.

The NFL Grill is a beef and pork patty grill.

The grill will be cooked with a cast iron pan, and the sides will be baked to a golden brown.

It will be called the NFL Grills Lite.

The “Lite” will have the same size grill and the same cooking time as the current grill.

Players will not be allowed to wear the grill while they are on the field.

Players have been able to wear them while playing, but the grill will not look like a grill and players will not see any grill marks.

The players’ union said in a release that the new grill would be made by a different company.

“It will be more of a barbecue grill, with a different texture and color.

The flavor will be different, too.

And the ingredients will be fresher, with less fat and sodium,” the release said.

The release also said the NFL grill will only be made on the island of Long Island, and not in New York City.

The NBA said it will continue to use the same grill.

“We’re still making our grill on Long Island.

It’s the same brand, the same type of grill.

We just changed the recipe,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said.

NFL Grill The NFL said it is investing $500 million to overhaul its food service.

It has pledged $400 million in renovations.

The league will spend about $500,000 to buy up and renovate about 500,000 square feet of its headquarters in Canton, Ohio.

NFL commissioner Adam Silver, center, arrives for a news conference in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019.

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