How to save the economy from the Trump administration

A lot of the people who were fired from their jobs as the new administration prepares to take power this week are not the people whose job it is to make sure that America’s economy stays strong.

These are people who worked hard to build America, and they worked hard because they knew the American Dream was something we all wanted to live for, but we could not do it without them.

These people deserve a better deal.

They deserve a president who has been willing to put their best foot forward and to give them a chance to prove themselves.

But those of us who were there when they took over have to say: This administration has not done enough to help these people.

The fact is that it’s been a slow, painful recovery, and that is not good enough.

And the fact is, the good news is that the American people are tired of this slow recovery.

We are tired.

And it is time to make the American dream real again.

And we will do that by putting the American worker first and working for the American family, by fighting for a fair trade deal, and by protecting our nation from the ravages of climate change.

Those are the kinds of values we believe in.

Those were the values that guided the president-elect.

And those are the values the president I ran against during my 2016 campaign.

But the president who will be in charge of the White House in 2017 is not going to have those values.

His priorities will be driven by the priorities of a billionaire donor class who have spent the last several years destroying our economy.

This is not the way to grow our economy, but it is the way we will grow our country.

In many ways, the president and his cabinet will be the same people who led our country into the deepest financial crisis in its history, the biggest recession since the Great Depression, and the biggest budget crisis since the 1940s.

They will take our jobs and put them overseas.

They want to slash taxes and regulations, and roll back our social safety net and privatize our health care system.

They’re doing it to give themselves and their family more of a comfortable life.

But when you look at what they’re proposing, they’re doing just the opposite.

We will build a wall along the southern border and impose a 20 percent tariff on goods and services coming from Mexico, which they’ve said will hurt our businesses and our consumers.

And they’ll give us the biggest tax cut in our history, including a $2 trillion cut to corporate taxes.

They’ll cut taxes for the super-rich and corporations and the rich, and take from the middle class and give to the wealthy.

They’ve also proposed to double the corporate tax rate to 35 percent.

And if you want to know what a tax cut looks like, you’ll have to look at this plan from Trump’s transition team.

The president-designate has not just proposed these tax increases and giveaways to the rich and corporations, he’s also said that he wants to eliminate the estate tax, the estate-tax loophole, and to allow businesses to pay more in taxes.

These giveaways to wealthy and powerful people have been on the agenda since the election.

But we will not accept this, because the American middle class has been betrayed by the greed of a handful of billionaires who want to give their companies a tax break.

The American people understand that our middle class is struggling and that our country’s future depends on the strength of our middle-class families.

We’ve got to make it better for everyone, but the president is going to keep his promises to Wall Street and to the billionaires who have been enriching themselves and enriching their families.

The plan from the transition team also has a huge giveaway to the fossil fuel industry.

Trump has promised to eliminate subsidies for clean energy, which will devastate the economy and kill tens of thousands of jobs.

And he has said he wants the coal industry to be taken out of the equation.

But Trump’s plan has the backing of the largest U.S. coal company in the world.

So we have a very clear choice.

We can keep working for our country to ensure that the future of the American economy is secure for all Americans, or we can put the profits of the fossil-fuel industry above the well-being of the United States, its people, and our environment.

This administration is committed to helping coal companies succeed and keep jobs in America.

But there’s a price to pay for this plan.

This will cost jobs, it will cost money to build our roads, our airports, our bridges, our schools, our parks, and all of the other infrastructure we need to keep America moving forward.

We know how important it is for people to have good jobs and a stable and secure future.

That’s why the president has asked us to work with Congress to come up with a bipartisan framework for creating good-paying jobs and making sure that every American gets a fair shot to make their mark on the American landscape.

We need to put an end