How to watch all 12 NCAA women’s basketball national championships

By LYNN D. ROSENBERG The NCAA is set to hold its first women’s college basketball championship on Saturday, and that means that the games of the tournament will feature all of the teams from the U.S. and Canada.

But how many teams are going to be there?

The answer is about 20.

The NCAA says the first four rounds of the men’s and women’s tournament will be played on the same field, but there are a few differences between the men and women tournaments.

First, the tournament’s field is divided into eight groups of four teams each.

The eight groups, which have all been created by the NCAA, are: men’s basketball, women’s, men’s cross country, women�s track and field, women basketball, men�s swimming and diving and women�tennis.

The men� track and dance and women hockey teams are set to be seeded No. 1, while the women� basketball teams are seeded No