New model from Adidas to be unveiled next month

A new Adidas model is set to be revealed next month, with the brand launching the Adidas Football Trainer in a new colour scheme.

The colour scheme of the new model will be unveiled in the coming days at the Adidas Paris Fashion Week event, according to the brand’s official website.

The new Adidas Football Training Trainer is designed to work on both a football field and indoor surface, with a specially designed grip for a more comfortable fit.

The Adidas Football Trainers will be released in three versions, with two pairs and two sets, Adidas said. 

“This new Adidas football trainer features the new design, which will allow the athletes to go from the ground to the pitch more easily,” Adidas said in a statement.

“The new design is the first to integrate new technologies, including GPS tracking, the Adidas SmartConnect™, which enables the athletes’ movements to be tracked without the need for a separate mobile app.”

The new technology has been created specifically for the athlete to work from the field, while the trainer also supports up to six athletes in the field.

The sports trainer will be the most advanced of Adidas’ football trainers, with sensors that will be embedded inside the football trainers. 

The new Football Trainer also has an all-new grip design that will make it easier for the athletes, and even more comfortable, to play the game.

“The new model features a new grip design, with new sensors embedded inside.

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