‘This Is Not a Race’: NBA stars react to race-related tweets

After a racially-charged tweet, basketball star Dwayne Wade has been trending on Twitter for more than a month.

On July 4, Wade posted a message on Twitter in which he said, “This is not a race.

This is a game.

This game is about winning.”

Wade was followed by two other basketball players: Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers star, and Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

Irving posted a tweet on July 10, in which Irving said that he was “so happy for everyone who was able to participate in this game.

I hope you all win this game.”

Wades response was also swift and racist.

“This game is not about race.

It’s about how to win the game,” Wade tweeted.

“Its not a game to win it, it’s a game for everyone to play.”

Wyatt, Irving, Bryant, and the NBA Players Association, along with other players and sports personalities, were quick to condemn Wade’s tweet, calling it “racist.”NBA players reacted to Wade’s statement on Twitter on July 11, saying that Wade’s comments are a “direct insult to all African Americans” and that he has “slanderous and disgusting language and intent.”NBA commissioner Adam Silver also weighed in on the issue, tweeting, “It is unfortunate that @dwyatt4u is not aware of the historical context of our history and how it impacts the NBA.

This kind of language is not tolerated.”

The NBA has also responded to the issue with a Twitter campaign that included more than 1,500 tweets.

In a statement on July 14, NBA commissioner Adam Clark wrote, “As we continue to evolve as a business, it is important for our players, coaches, and fans to know our commitment to equality, inclusion, and respect.”