What’s next for triple crown sports?

Triple Crown Sports, the biggest sports streaming service in the world, is closing the books on the streaming era.

The service announced today that it will be shutting down on August 28, 2018.

Triple Crowns Sports, one of the largest sports streaming services in the US, was founded in 2016 and has amassed a subscriber base of over 40 million.

The company has built a loyal fanbase that has become increasingly loyal in recent years.

The service has been credited with a huge boost in the number of new subscribers.

In 2018, the company announced a partnership with MLB Advanced Media, which provides MLB Advanced Technology (MLBAT) to Triple Crown.

The deal gives Triple Crown access to MLBAT, MLB.tv and MLB.com.

In an interview with Mashable, Triple Crown CEO Mike Ziegler noted that the deal with MLBAT would allow the company to provide its subscribers with more content in the future.

“We’ve been able to leverage this opportunity to deliver even more value to our subscribers, and that’s been an incredible success,” Zieglers said.

The end of the service marks a new chapter for Triple Crown, which started as a video-on-demand service.

Ziegles claims the streaming service has become more profitable over the past year.

“It’s not just that we have more subscribers, but we’ve made a much better case for the value of having our content on the platform,” Zipp said.

Ziegler added that Triple Crown is looking to expand its subscriber base as more and more people start to subscribe to its service.

“I think we have a good, strong subscriber base, and the more people that we can keep in our service, the more value we can offer to them,” Zihlers said, adding that the company has a lot of plans for the future of the business.

Follow Mashable.com for the latest on the Triple Crown sports streaming shutdown.

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