Which sports team is the best in the world?

The NFL is the world’s most valuable sports franchise, but the NFL is a business.

The NFL generates an average of $1.3 billion in annual revenue, which is about $25 billion more than its next closest competitor, the NBA, according to Forbes.

The New York Giants, for instance, earn an average annual income of about $10 million.

But that’s the most recent data available, so we have to look at the past.

In the past, the NFL has had a reputation for being a boring, boring league, so this ranking will include the most popular teams from a long list of the league’s most popular franchises.

The list will also include teams that are in the middle of a great run, so the team that wins its division and the team in the AFC South will be included.

The top 10 teams from each division will be ranked by average annual earnings.

This ranking is based on a weighted average of the average annual revenue generated by the franchises during the last 10 years, based on Forbes’ analysis of the Forbes 400, the Forbes 500, the ESPN 300, and the Forbes World 500.

The final ranking will be based on the number of players who were drafted in the top 10.

All data from Forbes is available at the site.