‘Fox Sports’ Will ‘Finally’ Reveal the ‘Fraudulent’ Story Behind the Fox Sports Story About Me

Fox Sports, in a report that appeared Tuesday morning on the network’s website, said that it has “identified and will be providing an explanation to the audience regarding a recent story in which we alleged that I fabricated a story about myself to gain an unfair advantage in the 2018 Ryder Cup.”

The report from Fox Sports cited a story published by the Indianapolis Star, which claimed that Fox Sports executive and former Ryder Cup captain Kevin Reilly had fabricated a false story about himself in an attempt to gain preferential treatment in the 2017 Ryder Cup.

Reilly was not quoted in the article, but the report claims that he had “repeatedly lied” to Fox Sports officials and the public about his personal life in order to secure a spot in the event.

The article alleged that Reilly had lied about having a son with his girlfriend at the time of the tournament.

Reilly’s son was born before Reilly had met his girlfriend, and he said that he and his wife had no children.

Fox Sports denied that it had fabricated the story.

In a statement, the network said that the report “is not accurate” and that Reilly did not claim any advantage from being a member of the team that would have had him competing for the U.S. in the upcoming Ryder Cup in 2019.

The network also said that Reilly “did not seek a special invitation” to participate in the tournament and that it was “not his intention” to falsely accuse anyone of such behavior.

“We have no further comment at this time,” Fox Sports said in a statement.

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