How the Phillies could land a player who could help the team’s offense: A look at how they could make the move with a package deal or cash deal

As Philadelphia Phillies fans, we can’t wait for this offseason.

We have our sights set on a long-term deal that could pay all of our team’s salaries and bring back one of the best starting pitchers in the game. 

However, there are a few teams who have interest in acquiring the pitcher, as we’ll explore in the next few articles.

Here’s what you need to know:1.

How the Philadelphia Phillies can land a pitcher who could provide offense and defense in a package Deal: The Phillies are in a position to sign a player that can help them with offense and provide defense in the future.

There’s a lot to like about him, as he’s a two-time Cy Young Award winner who is currently in his fifth season. 

The righty has an outstanding strikeout rate and can get his fastball to the corners and on the edges of the plate.

The Phillies could also use a right-handed hitter that can get on base. 

His career .270 batting average on balls in play and .323 on-base percentage both rank among the top in baseball.

He’s also posted a .301 on-the-base average and .329 slugging percentage, and a .321 on-sight percentage. 

There’s no question he’s capable of contributing offensively, but he also possesses an above-average defensive game.

If the Phillies get their man, they should be able to find ways to add some more offensive production. 

Cash: There’s no doubt the Phillies will get something in return for the lefty, but it’s not likely that he’ll be able or willing to agree to a multiyear deal.

That said, the team can get a little closer to that with a deal that gives them the ability to sign one of their two pitchers in 2019. 

That deal would include $20MM in 2019, $24MM in 2020, and $26MM in 2021.

If they sign him, they’d be able buy out his 2021 option and give him $28MM of guaranteed money in 2021, and could also negotiate a deal with another team that would give him a $24.75MM salary for the remaining five years of his contract. 

With the right deal, the Phillies can get one of two players, either one of whom could be a steal in 2019 and could be worth $30MM over the next three seasons. 


How to get a player with a high BABIP and strikeout rates in a deal That’s exactly what the Phillies would be looking for. 

Jose Quintana had a career .303 BABIP in 2017, but had a .313 BABIP for the entire 2016 season, and had a BABIP of .305 in 2017. 

For the Phillies, a deal would pay for his next two seasons, and give them two starters in 2019 (Brandon Beachy and Cole Hamels) that can provide a big boost to the offense. 

A lot of teams could get a boost in BABIP this offseason if they make a big splash in free agency. 

In addition to a few big names like Miguel Cabrera and David Ortiz, the Nationals and Rangers are among the teams that could look to add a left-handed bat this offseason, as well. 

If the Phillies signed a player like Quintana to a deal, they would be able get two of those players to help them in the offense, as both are known for their power, power to the plate, and power in the field. 

This could be one of those deals. 


How they can get another left-hander in a trade that would pay him more than $30 million in 2019 The Phillies have some left-handers on the roster, and while they might not have a lot of options on the trade market, they might be able afford to pay some of them. 

Jhoulys Chacin is currently on the disabled list, so the team could go after a lefty to provide a boost to their rotation. 

Chris Carter has a lot more experience than most lefties on the market, but is only 28.

He has a career 1.87 ERA and a 3.05 FIP, and is owed about $25MM over four years. 

Carter is a two time Cy Young winner and won the Cy Young last season, so he could help fill a need for the Phillies. 

He’s also a proven veteran who could be able fill in nicely if the team doesn’t have much left in the tank. 

Derek Holland is another lefty that could be interested in joining the team, and has an excellent career record and strikeouts per nine innings (3.14) and strikeouts-to-walk ratio (4.15). 

The Phillies could look at trading Holland to acquire a righty who can provide some much needed depth and add some offensive punch to their lineup. 4