How to beat the West Indies, the first two Tests and the first-Test series at Trent Bridge – The Times

The Times has been told by a cricket source that England are preparing to face the West Indian XI in Trent Bridge on Thursday afternoon as part of their preparations for the first Test against India in Mumbai on Tuesday.

The Times understands that the team has a large contingency of players, which could mean that some of the squad may not be available for the two-Test tour.

However, the Times understands there are plans for the team to make it into the second Test in Mumbai, which is a huge step towards the team’s Test schedule ahead of the 2019 World Cup.

We are planning to play the West Indians in Trent.

It is a big test for us.

We want to show how far we can go in the tournament.

We have no doubt that we can beat them.

It is the first time in cricket history that England have faced the West India XI and it will be the first game against the West Indies for England since 2005.

India’s team have a number of players who have yet to play in a Test match for England.

But they have a long history with England.

They have played three Tests and lost in the last two, which saw England win both in 2014 and 2016.

As they prepare to play for the Test series against India, it will come as a shock to many people that England’s team has been kept under wraps.

In fact, the England players have not spoken publicly about the tour for nearly a month.

For that reason, the only England players who can talk about it are the captain Michael Vaughan and the bowling coach Dave Stewart.

There has been a lot of speculation about the whereabouts of the England team since the team was dropped from the Test squad for the series against Australia in Sydney in July.

England’s squad had been informed about the plan to play a three-day test series against the first team in England before the tour.

England had also been advised by the coaching staff that the first test in Mumbai would be played on Monday in the second day, but the team were informed of the decision on Tuesday morning.

According to the source, the West indies will be preparing for a test match against England on Thursday.

A tour of India was scheduled for December.

Meanwhile, the BCCI has asked all the franchises to adhere to their protocols and play in their designated venues for the match in Mumbai.

An official from the BCCU told The Times that all the teams were required to comply with the protocols and that it is the BCCC’s responsibility to ensure the security of the players.

Cricket has been in a state of turmoil for several months following the arrest of three former England players, including Stuart Broad, for allegedly breaching the code of conduct by taking part in the “sting operations”.

While the arrests did not involve the players themselves, it led to widespread condemnation and an attempt by some to create a “coup d’etat” against the sport.

While there have been some positive signs in the game, including a series win over India, the players have also been criticised for a lack of professionalism and support to the game.

Last week, England were stripped of the World Cup for the third time in five years.