How to download sports apps from Yahoo Sports to Roku for $2.99

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To make the most of your streaming options, we’ve put together a list of the best streaming apps to stream sports from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NHL Playoff and the NFL Network, and some of the better Roku streaming options as well.

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Watch live streaming on Roku Sports app (or Roku TV) for $1.99 per month 3.

Stream MLB Playoffs from your iOS device for $4.99 4.

Stream the NFL Playoffs from ESPN and MLB Network for $7.99 5.

Watch the NCAA Final Four on Roku for free, or the Final Four from CBS Sports for $8.99.


Watch ESPN’s College Football Playoffs live for free with ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3 or ESPN GO for $6.99/month.


Watch CBS Sports’ College Football Finals live for $9.99 a month.


Watch Fox Sports’ NCAA Football Playoffs for free for free.


Watch MLB Network’s NCAA Football Finals for free a month for the first time, or watch it for free annually for the next five years.


Stream CBS Sports MLB Playoffs on your Roku and NFL Network devices for $10.99, or get a full season for $15.99 (plus $5.99 for each additional year).


Stream Fox Sports College Football Playoff for free in the U.S. or Canada with ESPN.


Stream ESPN’s MLB Playoffs for $20.99 and CBS Sports College Baseball Playoff for $30.99 annually.


Stream HBO’s NFL Playoffs for a month and then watch it again for free every Monday.


Stream NBA Playoffs live or via CBS Sports TV for $5/month or $20/month for the entire season.


Stream WWE’s NBA Playoffs for the entirety of the season.


Stream FOX Sports NFL Live for free or get $10 off a year-long subscription.


Watch NBC’s NFL live game for $3.99 to stream it on Roku, ESPN or CBS.


Watch FOX Sports College Basketball Playoffs for one free week a year, or subscribe for one month.


Watch WWE’s NCAA Basketball Finals for $24.99 or $39.99 yearly.


Watch NBA Live and ESPN’s NCAA Live Game live for a year for $34.99 with ESPN Mobile.


Watch NFL on Hulu for free via PlayStation Vue or Hulu Plus.


Watch College Football on NFL Network for free from FOX Sports.


Stream a season of FOX Sports UFC for free on FOX Sports Go. 24.

Stream NFL Network and ESPN for free per month or per week.


Stream The NFL on HBO for $25 per month.


Stream NCAA Basketball Live for $18.99 an additional month per year, and watch it online for free during a limited period.


Stream NHL Playoffs live online from FOX.


Watch NHL Live for the remainder of the regular season on NBCSN.


Stream SEC Network’s SEC Network Friday Night Fights for free (with no contract) and watch on ESPN for $12.99 on a yearly subscription.


Watch SEC Network on HBO live for one year at no cost.


Watch FS1’s SEC Friday Night Football Live for one day per month for $11.99 30 days after the game.


Stream SportsCenter Live for two hours a day, five days a week, for $50 per month, plus access to the live games.


Stream NBC Sports Live Extra for $19.99 each month for four hours of primetime.


Watch SportsCenter with Bob Costas Live for four weeks on NBC Sports Network for no additional cost.


Stream Sesame Street on ESPN at no additional charge for the rest of the year.


Stream CNBC’s Moneyball Live at no extra charge.


Stream AMC’s Breaking Bad at no more than $10 per episode.


Stream Game of Thrones at no less than $15 per episode for a limited time.


Stream Breaking Bad on HBO at no higher than $14.99 during a one-time promotional period.


Stream UFC at no charge.


Stream ABC’s Shark Tank at no fee. 42

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