Jay Z’s Gazzetta Dello Sports launches a new ad campaign for Fox Sports 1

By Jay BhattiAssociated PressThe ad campaign will feature some of the most iconic athletes from the world of sports such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Serena Williams and Kobe Bryant.

The ad features Jay Z, whose company, Gazzettas Dello Sport, is based in New York, in the spotlight as a new member of the Fox Sports One roster.

The ads are designed to highlight the breadth of the sport, with the brand showcasing the world’s top athletes and stars in sports including boxing, soccer, tennis, hockey and basketball.

The Gazzetts Dello sport is the flagship sports brand of the global entertainment company Jay Z Enterprises.

The brand also features a new brand of products, which will launch later this year.

It is based on the iconic G-Star brand, which debuted in 2009 and has a global presence.

The brand includes adidas, Adidas Originals, Gatorade, Boost, Reebok and Nikes.

The company is currently in a partnership with ESPN, which has produced two sports-focused shows on Fox Sports.

The first, “G1” on Fox, will debut in January 2018.