@realDonaldTrump, @MitchBetts, @RandyMitchum & @JoeBetts: You’re all a bunch of dicks!

The President’s Twitter account tweeted the following morning: “@realDonaldTrump: @JoeNBC, @JoePetersa & @MicheleJarrett @MitsubishiUSA are all a group of dummies!”

The president’s tweets were in response to NBC News anchor Joe Petersa, who had tweeted a series of sexist and homophobic comments on the network during the Super Bowl LI game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

He had also suggested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign over his handling of the investigation into the 2016 NFL national anthem protests.

On Tuesday, NBC News executive vice president and general manager Mike McCurry said that Petersa would not be working on Tuesday’s show, according to NBC Sports.

“We have no comment on the matter,” McCurry wrote in a statement to CNN.

Joe Peters, former president of NBC Sports, is leaving after six years, NBC Sports CEO Bob Greenblatt told CNN.

#Petersapalooza, @McMcCurryNHL and @JoeNHL are not being discussed today, per @BobGreenblatt.

— JoeNBC (@JoeNBC) February 9, 2020  BETTER TO SEE AMERICA, BETTER TO WATCH AMERICA, @realDonaldTrump says.

@JoeMitts and @MittRomney will never be taken seriously.

#MittBetts — President Trump (@POTUS) February 10, 2020  On Tuesday, the president was also seen on Twitter mocking NBC for having to air the full Super Bowl show on Tuesday night.

“@NBCNews is working to get me the full @MTV show on the Superbowl, @matthewbetts and @realDonaldTrump say.

I love @NBC!

#MTVSuperBowl #Meltdown,” Trump wrote in his tweet.