Which college swimsuit models are sexy?

The College Swimsuit Modeling Team has put together a sexy infographic with a few sexy models from all over the country and across the globe.

From a young age, college girls are learning how to style their swimsuits to avoid the dreaded ‘flattering’ look that comes with a size zero.

Here are the best swimsuit model for each of the major swimwear brands and how they look in their swimwear:A+A+I love this model, but not as much as I would have liked.

I guess I would say that she looks sexy and the length of her legs are good.

A+B+I think she looks hot.

Her figure is a bit taller than the model in the top photo, but that’s because she’s a size six.

B+B-B+Looks like a size four, which would be nice if she had long legs.

C+D+I can’t help but think this girl is a size two.

D+E+I like the way she looks in the photos.

F+G+She’s got long legs and good proportions.

G+I guess I’d say that the height of her body is a plus, but I would argue that the model is a little taller.

H+J-J-Look at her legs.

She looks like she could have used a bit of help.

K-L-I think the model looks hot and her body should be as big as possible.

M+N-Nicely proportioned, but the model has to be smaller than her swimsuit.

O+P-I can see that she’s got a bit too much padding.

P-Q-I’m not a fan of the shape of the model’s body.

R-S-This model has great proportions and she’s super tall.

T-U-The model is wearing a size 6, but she’s probably wearing a little bit too big.

V-W-This one is wearing an undershirt.

W-X-I guess this model has a bit more padding.

This is a really good model, especially for a college student.

Y-Z-I would have loved to see this model in a smaller size, but it seems like she was a size nine.