How to watch: Holabird: The first episode of the first episode in three seasons!

By Mike — Every episode of The Holabirds on ESPNU begins with a little montage of the team’s history, and Holabawks are the best way to learn about them.

This week, they look at their history from a different angle, by watching some of the game’s greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

Here’s the first installment in three parts, starting with the team that helped start the franchise.

In the early 1970s, the Chicago Bears drafted the late Phil Simms, the son of a major-league baseball player.

Simms was the sixth overall pick, and he started out as a quarterback, but he ended up playing quarterback for three more seasons before moving on to become a tight end and running back for two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He also served as the first wide receiver to start a season with a quarterback in the NFL.

Simm went on to play four seasons in the CFL, two with the Montreal Alouettes and one with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Simmo, now 85, is best known as the man who led the Seattle Seahawks to the Stanley Cup championship in 1996, but for a time he was considered the best quarterback of his era.

He is the only quarterback who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, the most wins by a quarterback during his career.

Simms led the Patriots to the Super Bowl in each of his first four seasons, and the Patriots went on a four-year run to win the Superbowl, becoming the first team since the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1950 to do so.

Simm also played quarterback for the Houston Oilers and the Chicago Cardinals, who won three straight division titles in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

Simmers career was short-lived, as he was injured in the first game of the 1968 season and had to miss the entire 1971 season.

Sims, however, made a comeback in 1972 and finished his career with 4,065 passing yards, 10 touchdowns and just three interceptions in 987 games.

He played in three NFL All-Star Games, won five NFL Rookie of the Year awards and was named to four Pro Bowls.

Simmo led the Colts to three consecutive AFC Championship Games, and was the franchise’s MVP in 1991.

He was also named to five Pro Bowl rosters, including the AFC All-Pro team in 1999.

He played his final NFL season in 2002, and has remained in the game.

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