When the Big Bang happened: A look back at the Big Picture

The Big Bang Theory has won seven Emmys since the show’s debut in 1997.

Its popularity in India has skyrocketed.

Its latest season, the fifth in the franchise, was aired in February.

The show is also the subject of a recent film.

A young girl named Nanak (Munna Murali) has a crush on Sheldon (Liam Neeson), the protagonist of the show.

She is forced to confront Sheldon about his past when he is found guilty of murdering a fellow classmate.

She also begins a romance with him.

The series also stars Patrick Warburton, who plays Sheldon’s father, Sheldon Cooper, and Michael Pena, who played the character’s mentor, Mr. Piggot.

In the movie, Nanak’s crush on the lead character was also a key component of the plot.

As the story went on, the character developed a crush for her rival, Sheldon’s classmate, Amy (ZoĆ« Kravitz), as well as for her own sister, Amy’s daughter.

Nanak’s love interest is played by the lovely actress M.S. Ravi.

“Sheldon and Nanak have such a close relationship,” Ravi told The Hindu.

“It was an emotional moment for us and we were really happy for her.”

In the film, Nan, as a character, is described as a “lady who always wanted to please her husband and his father”.

She is also a brilliant writer who is the best at keeping her secrets.

“Sheldon has a big heart, but he’s a very controlling man, so he doesn’t know how to express his emotions,” Rav said.

“When he has a heart-to-heart, he becomes so possessive of the person he loves and it’s a really nice thing to see.

She doesn’t do that.

She’s the type of person who, at least when she’s not in love, has a great, loving relationship with somebody.

I really loved that.”

The story of Sheldon’s friendship with Amy is also central to the movie.

In the series, Sheldon has a strong and close relationship with Amy, but their relationship isn’t always romantic.

In “The Best of Both Worlds”, a flashback in the first season, Sheldon, Amy and Sheldon’s daughter, Amy, are on their way to their college graduation.

They are stopped by Sheldon’s mother.

“We’ve been separated for so long,” Sheldon says.

“I don’t even know what my mother looks like.

I don’t know if she’s alive or dead.

I’m just a kid.”

In that flashback, Amy explains to Sheldon that she thinks her father is still alive.

“They’re in love,” Sheldon explains.

“And I’m not the only one who has feelings for her, so she’s my best friend.”

When the movie was made, Amy was still a minor in high school.

But she told her father about her feelings.

“He said that if she was my dad, I would go and see him,” Amy said in the movie’s opening credits.

“Because that’s the way I feel.”

Amy’s character is a perfect foil for Sheldon.

She has a high opinion of him and is very protective of him.

“When I’m around him, I don (sic) always know how he’s feeling, but I can tell that he’s happy for me,” she says.

Amy is also able to relate to Sheldon’s feelings.

In a scene where she is making love to her boyfriend, Amy reveals that Sheldon has been in love with her for years.

“Oh, wow, he really likes me,” Sheldon exclaims, adding that he wants to take her home.

“Why not?”

Amy says, with a smirk.

In addition to the two main characters, there are many supporting characters, such as Dr. Cox, a psychiatrist and professor.

Dr. Pied Piper (John DiMaggio) is also introduced.

“Pied Piper is a great guy,” said Ravi, who is also co-creator of the sitcom Big Bang.

“This guy is not an academic.

He is not a teacher.

He doesn’t want to study anything, so we got him for that.”

While Dr. Piper’s role is mostly academic, Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Lars Mikkelsen) is a very different kind of scientist.

“The thing that made Sheldon a genius was his imagination,” Raveena Dube, who directed the film version, said.

“As a scientist, I felt he was able to have his own science because he could see the whole picture.

He knew what it was like to be in an experiment and to be the only person in the room with it.”

Dr. Cooper is also in love and is the main attraction of Nanak.

Nanak is also an academic and is attracted to Sheldon, but they also have a crush.

“Amy is really attracted to her,” Ravan said.